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4WD HOLIDAYWelcome to discovering Southern New Zealand... where adventure is a way of life nestled deep in the South Pacific, Southern New Zealand is a land of breath taking spectacular scenery and majestic snow-capped mountain peaks.

It’s a beauty that’s totally unspoiled too... virtually untouched by the hand of progress or the march of man. It’s quiet, relaxed and unhurried. Wide-open spaces hold the lure of discovery and adventure and draw the visitor ever deeper into the very heart and soul of this incredible, unforgettable country. And now Economy can offer you the unique opportunity to experience the real Southern New Zealand back country for yourself.

Our experience can show you the very essence of the traditional Kiwi lifestyle and take you where few others have never been, and it can be as rugged, challenging, comfortable, and civilised as you want. Read More...


SKI HOLIDAYIf you want to visit all the major South Island resorts and sample the best skiing and snowboarding Southern New Zealand has to offer! Then the Economy Apline 4wd Landcruiser is the answer for you, it gives you the flexibility to move around has you choose. This is the holiday! In your Economy Apline 4wd Landcruiser that allows you to see, ski and snownboard these spectacular and amazing mountains areas - all in only 12 days. You could never hope to cover so many ski resorts and have such an extraordinary time without your 4wd Economy Apline 4wd Landcruiser.

In this overcrowded, over regulated, noisy world it’s nice to know that there is a place where the pace of life is still unhurried and relaxed. Southern New Zealand is the place to ski and snownboard and we intend keeping it that way - especially for you. Read More...


FISHING HOLIDAYAnglers, here are your next fishing adventures. They require a different approach to conventional freshwater fishing: 4WD Landcruiser exploration of the backcountry lakes, tarns and headwaters of the rivers in the South Island.

There couldn’t be a better way to experience and enjoy the essence of our country than to follow these 4wd trails, and a few leisurely days spent exploring the backcountry wilderness will be a rewarding adventure. An off-road 4WD Landcruiser vehicle is absolutely essential to negotiate these 4wd trails.

The South Island’s wide diversity in landforms and climate is reflected in its waterways. There are sluggish, rain swamp-fed streams meandering across farmland, clear rushing mountain torrents shaded by dense native bush, unstable glacier-fed rivers, cold spring streams and natural and artificial lakes. Yet nearly all these waterways contain trout, and with the many rivers and lakes exhibiting such widely differing characteristics, the South Island is truly an angler’s paradise. Read More...

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